Personal Assistant Services

Could your loved one use a Personal Assistant?

Services include but are not limited to:

Long distance birthday greetings – If you live out of town or can’t arrange a visit on your loved ones birthday, call on us to help. We can arrange a special day for them. Breakfast with fresh flowers, a special lunch in their favourite restaurant, a visit to a hair salon, or just out for a drive or a walk, are just a few of the special days that we can create on your behalf. We can make their special day especially memorable for them.

Companion to a special event – we can provide travel companions for the day or the weekend so that your loved one can attend that wedding, graduation or even an entertainment event. We will arrange everything for them right from arranging the tickets, to transportation and even help them get dressed for the special event.

Medical escort – Are you too busy to take your loved one to all of their appointments? Just give us a call. We will arrange their transportation, prepare them for their appointment, escort them into their appointment, and then bring them home. We will provide you with a full report of what took place at the appointment.

Errands– we can do all the things you might not have the energy to do yourself. Picking up your dry cleaning, going to the pharmacy or doing your groceries, just make us a list and we will take care of everything. When purchasing groceries, we will ensure that any spoiled or out of date foods are removed when putting new groceries away.

Invitations for friends or family – We can help you host a dinner right in your own home. We can pick up the groceries, and cook your meal, serve and even clean up so that you can have a wonderful home cooked meal with your friends without the worry of having to do everything yourself.

Letter writing or greeting cards– We can assist your loved one with their seasonal cards or help them write letters or read their correspondence to them. We can even arrange to have a regular thinking of you card mailed to them on your behalf. Keeping in touch “the old fashioned” way means a lot to many seniors.

Home repair and maintenance – we can assist in providing names and contact information of trusted professionals in their respective fields, so that any necessary repairs can be arranged.

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