E-Readers Versus Paper Books

There are a few pros and cons for both e-readers and paper books. Ultimately it comes down to which one you prefer for your lifestyle. Personally, I use both paper books and an e-reader depending on the book and if it has limited availability. Some people might prefer one way or the other. Having the extra features of an e-reader can come in handy for some people, like seniors, who may need a larger font or better lighting, but it might be difficult to navigate through the e-reader if you need to download a new book. Here are some of the pros and cons for each side.

Pros for paper books:
– Able to spend time in a book store or library,
– You can enjoy the smell of the books!
– You get that enjoyment and fulfillment of turning the pages and seeing how far you have read.
– Its easier to lend out paper books to your family and friends, and receive them too.
Cons for paper books:
– Your shopping bag can become heavy pretty fast with all the books you buy
– They can take up space in your house
– You can’t adjust the size of the font or brightness, or any of the extra tools that an e-reader provides
Pros for e-readers:
– It is light and can fit easily in a purse or bag
– It holds multiple books at a time
– You can change the font size or brightness of the screen
Cons for e-readers:
– You can’t lend out the books you read to family or friends
– If you are borrowing the books from an online library there is usually a long waiting period for popular books
– Can be difficult on your eye sight as you are reading from a screen
Having both at your disposal may come in handy, especially if you have an understanding of how to download or rent books off your e-reader, but some people may only stick to one way to enjoy their books. Which side are you on?