Care Summit 2019

Welcome to The Care Summit 2019:
Please note that no person must be in health care in order to attend – we encourage anyone who may find an interest in the workshops to sign up.
The Care Summit consists of 3 presentation; a mental health workshop presented by Dr. Nagasawa, a palliative care workshop presented by Vivian Papaiz and a community brainstorm presented by Mike Campigotto. Each workshop discussion will be focused on matters happening with the staff working in the health care field; meaning SELF CARE. Also happening is a career fair to all workshop attendees as well as the general public which will host employers and educators who will provide information and detailed discussions on job and educational growth.
The workshops are at a cost of $25.00 (all three workshops are included in the price) per person which includes a complimentary lunch and a take away bag. During break times (between workshops) and lunch all attendees can socialize around the building to network with those who have booths at the career fair. Please note the career fair portion of the event is free to all.
The link below will take you to The Labour Market Group website which showcases our event. We also have an event on Facebook.