Have You Recently Become a Caregiver?

Have you recently become a Caregiver? You don’t need to go it alone. Blue Sky Personal Support Workers can help!

Living a double life? There is a growing population of caregivers who are managing the dual role of working full-time and providing full-time care for an elderly person.

Our health care system often places an expectation of assumed responsibility of aging parents on the children. This expectation of family care giving leads to issues for caregivers who must maintain full-time employment when tasked with providing primary care for a relative.

At first glance, full-time care in a nursing home or an assisted living environment may seem like the most appropriate option for an elder. But, for many families, these facilities are out of their financial reach or the family member just wants to stay in their home where they are comfortable and things are familiar for as long as safely possible.

Many times, when someone is diagnosed with an aging related illness, it is a relative who steps up to become the primary caregiver. There are many caregivers out there who are managing the dual role of working full-time and providing full-time care for a loved one. It is a challenging job. Working caregivers must seek out as much help as possible and keep themselves healthy. Do not try to endure the challenge alone. Let friends and family know that you need assistance. And even though it may not be a conversation you want to have a talk with your boss about your new responsibilities. There are many community resources available for caregivers that will enable them to manage their stress levels and prevent caregiver burnout. Think about purchasing private home care support to give you a break on weekends or an evening or two during the week. Government funded home care support can be obtained to assist with meal preparation and hygiene tasks such as showers, but generally, there is no funded support for respite or housekeeping to allow a caregiver to get a break unless the individual is palliative. Call or email our office if you want more information on how we can help.