The Many Uses for Mason Jars

Ever wonder what to do with all those extra mason jars you have accumulated over the years? Why not put them to work with these great ideas:

You can turn one into a reusable soap dispenser with just purchasing a pump lid that will fit over the mouth of the jar. Refill it with your favourite soap and it will be a nice feature for your bathroom sink. Get a matching look by using another as a tooth brush holder.
Use a small jar as a match jar with a striker pad on top. Strike anywhere matches are the only matches that will work for this, but glue some black sand paper on top of the lid and you have a nice match kit at the ready!
Why not try making a herb garden out of a few mason jars. They are the perfect size to sit on a kitchen window sill and you can add as many herbs as you like in their individual jars.
If you have ribbon or twine that is always getting into a knot, try putting them in mason jars with a hole in the lid to keep the ball in one piece. This will come in very handy for Christmas time when all that wrapping needs to get done.
Using a small jar as a salt and pepper or herb shaker is easy to do, just punch holes in the lid, as big or as small as you like.
If you have a large craft or sewing basket, using mason jars to separate your supplies is a great way to organize everything while easily finding specific things through the glass.
If you need to make a homemade gift, mason jars are great for this purpose. Why not make a snow globe? Glue your trinkets to the bottom of the lid, fill your jar with some sparkly water, tighten the lid and voila – instant snow globe!
The small jars are the perfect size for tea lights, use them outside on a summer night or keep them inside to give a warm feel. You can even frost the glass with spray paint to match your décor.
Mason jars are the perfect size for most snacks to take with you. Veggies and dip, hummus and crackers, overnight oatmeal or even soup can be stored in all sized mason jars. The great thing is that your crackers won’t break and your soup won’t leak!