Photography as a Hobby

When retirement comes around and you find yourself with extra time on your hands, many people pick up a hobby or develop an interest in something they never thought they would enjoy and is completely new to them. If you are finding you have a lot of spare time and don’t know which hobby might be good for you, why not try photography?

Now you might say “hold on, I can’t afford an expensive camera” but when you are starting out, any camera you can get your hands on is useful. It may be the camera in your cell phone, one you pick up at a garage sale, or you may even have an older camera in the back of a junk drawer somewhere that you can practice with.

There are a few ways to learn about the art of photography. The first and cheapest way is to do some research at the library with books on photography and go out and try taking some pictures. Get a feel for what kind of subjects you prefer to work with i.e. still life, portraits, landscapes, etc. Another way to learn is to take a course at your local community centre or college. Make sure you sign yourself up for a beginner course so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with their technical terminology or advanced lessons and conversations.

Once you get the hang of photography and you are confident in the fact that you would like to pursue this interest, maybe now is the time to invest in a more expensive camera that allows you to expand your portfolio. If you are nervous about buying a camera that you have no idea how to use, you may be able to find an online course that goes over the use of that specific camera to help you use your camera to its fullest potential. Buying a new camera from a store that specializes in cameras will allow you to have a one on one conversation with someone who is knowledgeable on this topic. They can help you choose the right camera for you, your level of expertise, and what your photography focuses on.

Maybe there is a photography group in your area that you can join and use as a mentorship until you get your sea legs. This is a good idea if you are not sure of the best places to take pictures in your area or where the best place to purchase a new camera is. This also gives you more of a community and social feel, someone to share your new-found passion with.

Photography can be a relaxing or adventurous past time. Use this to your advantage when you feel like you are ready for more of a challenge, or for when you feel the need to pull in the reigns but still have something to keep you occupied. You never know what you will find through that camera lens!