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1st Annual Senior’s Luncheon

We had  wonderful turn out for our 1st annual National Seniors Day luncheon! Many thanks to everyone who attended. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we hope to see you next year. Congratulations to Shirley who won the gift basket door prize! Newcomers please let us know if you would like to be personally invited next year.   … Read entire article »

National Seniors Day

October 1st is National Seniors Day! In honor of this, Blue Sky Personal Support Workers would like to invite you to our complimentary luncheon to celebrate you, our local senior. Please join us at the Rorab Shrine Club, 1260 Brookes Street, North Bay. Please contact us at 705 498 1588 or email admin@blueskypsws.com to reserve your tickets. There will be a free door prize draw. Please reserve tickets in advance. We would love to see familiar faces as well as new. Every senior is welcome to reserve a ticket for a friend as well. Hope to see you there!     … Read entire article »

What is your Favorite Indoor Activity?

With the cold weather fast approaching it can be difficult to keep busy and stay healthy. The ice and snow can limit where you walk and how long you can stay outside for fresh air. It is important to keep active for strong muscles and stay healthy. Along with preparing well rounded meals, an activity or interest group could do the trick. Organizations like the YMCA and the Golden Age Club have many different interest groups for seniors. What happens if you have never been interested in exercising? There are plenty of other ways to stay active without having to use an exercise bike or a treadmill. Although playing cards may not seem like physical fitness … Read entire article »