A Message From Blue Sky Personal Support Workers

What is your Favorite Indoor Activity?

With the cold weather fast approaching it can be difficult to keep busy and stay healthy. The ice and snow can limit where you walk and how long you can stay outside for fresh air. It is important to keep active for strong muscles and stay healthy. Along with preparing well rounded meals, an activity or interest group could do the trick. Organizations like the YMCA and the Golden Age Club have many different interest groups for seniors. What happens if you have never been interested in exercising? There are plenty of other ways to stay active without having to use an exercise bike or a treadmill. Although playing cards may not seem like physical fitness or something that you would benefit from, you would be surprised by what you can … Read entire article »


Business Garden of the Week

The garden at Blue Sky Personal Support Workers was nominated for North Bay Blooms Business Garden of the Week. Frances started this garden from scratch when she bought the property in 2012. In case you haven’t stopped by in a while or you would like to see some before pictures, take a look at a few I posted here.   … Read entire article »

5 great activities to keep you active

Throughout our lives we have had hobbies or activity groups that we have been involved in. It might have been a sport, a craft, or a group that you were a part of (or still are!) Why do we do these things? Well, maybe you liked being busy, you had an interest in something specific, or it was just something to do with your friends. Whatever the reason, being part of an activity is healthy for you and is a great way to stay active without thinking of it as work or “just exercise”. If you are thinking of joining a group or interested in something don’t hesitate to try something new! You could even … Read entire article »

Senior Discounts

5 places that offer senior discounts Everyone loves a good deal. I have always loved using coupons and seeking out discounts to save a couple dollars here and there. I always say if you have access to these things why not use them? Because November is our 5th anniversary I wanted to share 5 great discounts for seniors that could be used around town! For 60 years of age: Bulk Barn 10% last Tuesday of every month A&W 10% every day For 55 years of age: Shoppers Drug Mart 20% last Thursday of each month Value Village 10% every Tuesday For 50 years of age: Travelodge 15% Do you know of a place that offers great discounts? We would love to know! … Read entire article »