A Message From Blue Sky Personal Support Workers

Spring Social

Our next social is coming up, reserve your seat today! … Read entire article »


Is Your Loved One Living Alone?

I found an article in a Solutions Magazine – Canada’s family guide to home health care and wellness. It is called “It’s Ok to Live Alone”. In the article it talks about how many seniors are finding it difficult to live alone now that their family has moved away or they live in an isolating neighborhood. But what happens if they can’t live on their own anymore? It can be difficult to approach this subject with your parents, whether you see them all the time or just on holidays, but you must do something when you notice big out of character things happening or they are experiencing difficulty with daily tasks. This could include housekeeping, cooking, … Read entire article »

Tips to Living Safely at Home

With winter in full spin I began looking around for some ways to ensure a safe living environment. I found some tips to safely living at home on the Government of Canada website. The list I was looking at touched on all aspects of living at home; families with children, as a senior living alone, to other types of homes/buildings and what to look for. Today let’s focus on the basics that are geared towards seniors. You could easily turn this list into a checklist too. Make sure all stairs have railings and good traction. Can you reach the mailbox easily? Are all rooms and hallways well lit? Are all throw rugs secured in place to keep them from … Read entire article »